Regex Auto Builder

Regex Auto Builder 2.0

A tool to generator, test regular expression and capture string automatically
2.0.0 (See all)
HyMann Soft

Regex Auto Builder is an easy to use regular expression generator and string extract tool.
Regex Auto Builder generate regular expression automatically for you, even if you don't have any knowledge of regular expression language!

Regex Auto Builder is suitable for users who:
Have none or little knowledge of regular expression language and need to:
generate regular expression
capture characters from regular string
Have enough knowledge of regular expression language but:
have not enough time
have no patience
Need to generate a large number of regular expressions.

It is also a very easy to understand regular expression language teaching tool.

Major features include:
* Generate regular expression automatically
* Modify and test regular expression
* Multiple wizard pages, test one regular expression in different source (Not available in standard edition)
* Generate regular expression refer to multiple wizard pages (Not available in standard edition)
* Custom regular expression of group/determiner
* Show test result visually, you can see the result directly
* Check results after generate automatically
* Get plain text from file
* Get HTML code from URL address
* One key to export capture groups with the separate character your define
* Save you regular expression and source text as project for repeated use
* Design Element: learn and build regular expression easily
* Regular expression library: use regular expression directly
* Multiple languages

You can capture all regular text from any plain-text strings, such as TXT file, XML file, CSV file, HTML file etc., then export to clipboard or file, and you can import them to any program, database, excel file etc. easily.

Regex Auto Builder has three languages now :
English, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, and we will add in other languages such as Japanese, German, French, and so on.

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